“19″ Coast to Coast in an American Winter

Las Vegas, Nevada, December, 2013.

In late November 2013 I ended up driving from San Francisco to New York City. I was an unintentional traveller, drawn to America to attend a wedding and visit family. Yet when both plans fell through, and tickets to the new continent were already booked, spending my time doing a road trip suddenly seemed like the best option.What followed was an epic endeavour which took me across 19 states in a 24 foot camper van.

I have agonized over the edit of this work, in part because it was not meant to be and secondly it is rather personal. Long story short its been picked up and will run later this year.. I am thrilled by this one, although you’re going to have to wait as I promised to hold the work back, but I know you are patient ..right ?

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