De-Miner Diver Project receives support from Ikelite Underwater Photographic Equipment

Really pleased to announce the support from Ikelite Underwater Photographic Equipment who have kindly assisted me with an equipment loan to continue documenting the work of
Cambodia’s De-Miner Diver unit.

I have used various pieces of underwater equipment in the last year, and whilst all of them have preformed well I have not been able to go deeper than 5 meters or have used smaller cameras at greater depths but with limited image quality. Now I can go deep… really deep… and have full control over my camera as well as strobe lighting.

The first edit of the story can been seen HERE  the project has also received funding which you can read about HERE as well as its coverage on the BBC HERE

De-Miner Diver Project Receives Funding

Sorry its been some time, I am still here, still breathing, there has been a time over the past month where I have been gasping for air but I need not worry anymore, well at least for the next six months that is.

Since the beginning of last year I have been following the De-Miner Diver team here in Cambodia, the very first trip with them can be seen here, The images have been published a few times most notably to the BBC who supported the project from this early stage which can be seen here and various other publications and news outlets.

Members of Cambodia’s De-Miner Dive Team endure physical training exercise, treading water for extended periods in a swimming pool, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Following a story like this sometimes requires a bit of assistance, in this case I needed some funding. I am thrilled to announce that I have received a sizable donation towards the project, enough to keep me going for the next 3 months (with the promise of further funding for 3 months if required)

The donor, an Australian philanthropist with an interest in UXO eradication kindly offered to support the further development of this intriguing story. I cannot begin to tell you what a change this will make ( but I guess you probably understand already) I can breath easy for a while…… There is more to tell you, much more, many exciting things on the horizon, promise to keep you posted.