De-Miner Diver Project Receives Second Round of Funding


Got some great news last week, and I should have posted on my blog then but I was working on another project which has taken up most of the last two weeks ( More to come on that project)

My long term project on the creation of a De-Miner Dive unit received further funding last week, which I will receive in installments over the next few months.

I have been working on this project for about 18 months now and the money is really going to help continue to document the team as they grow.

I have had some great support from third parties on this project. I received some funding earlier this year which you can read about HERE and underwater photography equipment from Ikelite which you can read about HERE 

Ultimately there is an out put for this project but lest talk about that another day.

De-Miner Diver Project receives support from Ikelite Underwater Photographic Equipment

Really pleased to announce the support from Ikelite Underwater Photographic Equipment who have kindly assisted me with an equipment loan to continue documenting the work of
Cambodia’s De-Miner Diver unit.

I have used various pieces of underwater equipment in the last year, and whilst all of them have preformed well I have not been able to go deeper than 5 meters or have used smaller cameras at greater depths but with limited image quality. Now I can go deep… really deep… and have full control over my camera as well as strobe lighting.

The first edit of the story can been seen HERE  the project has also received funding which you can read about HERE as well as its coverage on the BBC HERE